Time to Mobilize

Ron Paul with Producer/Director Justin Machacek

Ron Paul meeting Justin Machacek about Evangelical initiatives

It is time to mobilize for the Republican National Convention. Do not give up. Do not become disheartened. Do not surrender to defeat. It is time to work harder than ever, to push back against big-government agendas, and to return the Republican Party to its constitutionally conservative roots. Together the liberty movement can loudly champion the message of liberty, the message of smaller government, and the message of Ron Paul.

National Republican Delegates from every state need to begin sifting through the 2008 Republican Platform, familiarizing and preparing for debate & testimony, making notes on sections that need added to, amended, or completely eliminated. Liberty delegates need to seek out ways to connect with other delegates nationwide. Utilize Facebook pages, text groups, meet-ups, or any other method to organize share ideas and build voting strength for the convention floor. Find other delegates, liberty or no, who can agree on specific policy planks, gain interest, have discussions, debate causes. The more support we can gain for specific causes the greater chance the Platform Committee will put those planks permanently into the 2012 Republican Platform.

Delegates need to draft language for specific planks they and their constituents believe in; planks on Internet freedom & privacy to gain the youth and protect citizens against legislation like CISPA, SOPA, & PIPA. Also send planks on ‘indefinite detention’, the Patriot Act, & the NDAA, on Federal Reserve transparency & competitive currencies, and on cutting unnecessary government agencies (Dept. of Education, HUD, Energy, Commerce, etc.). Consider additional planks on ending the war in Afghanistan, undeclared wars, the War on Drugs, and defining the unborn child while removing jurisdiction from the federal courts effectively eliminating “Roe v. Wade”. Then, delegates need to deliver those planks to their National & Platform Committeemen and Committeewomen. Position the planks with thoughtful, constitutional perspective that can be help all Republicans get behind them and help future Republican candidates move forward the message of liberty and win elections.

State by state, committeeman after committeeman the liberty movement influence to the Republican platform will cause the moderate factions and hawkish neo-cons to open their eyes to what it will take to WIN the presidency, expand the party, and take back the republic of the United States of America. This platform will be the messaging that national candidates will have to debate and defend for next four years. Winning here means giving small-government and freedom candidates a foothold in debates, talking points in the media, and proving that grassroots organization can make a difference.

Other delegates, parliamentarians, need to address the rules. Determine what their state needs to gain relevance in the national selection of primary candidates. Find fair ways for Republicans to have an efficient winnowing process for potential nominees. Find ways to maintain high standards of principle and ethics, and find ways to hold our elected officials to the approved platform. Push these rule ideas through debate and through the committeemen/women as soon as possible so there is time to digest, debate, and consider before the RNC.

We are a new generation of Republicans. We are the future of the party and win or lose; we will move the message of constitutional liberty forward. We can bring the Republican Party back to small-government principles, individual responsibility & freedom, and constitutional conservatism. Together we can win the battles on Platform & Rules and give liberty candidates a platform that they can intelligently defend. Together we can illustrate the legendary effects of the lasting legacy of Dr. Ron Paul. Together we can begin to Restore America Now.

We are here not to take over, but to take back. It is time to mobilize.

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A Romney Back-up Plan

The Ron Paul revolution is in full swing as evidenced by the state conventions all across the country.  If you’ve missed it in the news Ron Paul will have a “plurality of delegates” in over 10 states and his supporter’s influence at the national convention will be more than significant.  While Romney is the likely nominee there are a few interesting rules that could make the convention entertaining at very least (if not a surprising upset).  Still the pundits recognize the importance of the Ron Paul movement and their speculation about what Dr. Paul and his movement wants range from suggestions of a prime-time speaking slot at the national convention to Rand Paul as Vice President for Mitt Romney.  These ideas seem somewhat insulting given that Dr. Paul and his supporters now leverage a $40m campaign and a very strong grassroots organization.

Let me be clear… We want our country restored… NOW!  We want the constitution to stand for something again, we want the government scaled back, we want the deficits reduced, the unconstitutional wars ended, we want the free market economy to expand without the leash of big brother, we want the invasive fascist laws like the NDAA and Patriot act repealed, and we want a Republican party that stands for principles over cronyism and alliances.  We WANT Ron Paul and in the end we want a limited government that represents liberty, freedom, and the “American way”.

Unfortunately, we also have to be realistic and understand that short of a very unlikely scenario playing out in Tampa the GOP is going to be stuck with Mitt Romney as the nominee in November.  While sobering, that realism allows us to look forward past the primary into the general election and what Republicans hope will be a new administration.  However, if Mitt Romney wants to defeat Barak Obama in November he needs the Ron Paul camp and his supporters.  Something all the speculators understand clearly.

Some have suggested that Romney offer a Vice President position to Rand or Ron to help bridge the gap and unite the party.  Others have toyed around with the idea of solidifying platform planks or changing party rules.  While these sound good, I don’t think they are enough to garner the kind of support Mitt Romney needs from the liberty movement.  Let me explain… Given to Ron Paul the Vice Presidential position could be viewed as marginalizing Dr. Paul, a token offering that doesn’t really amount to much when it comes to actual policy change in Washington.  Given to Rand a VP position would be a good set up for 2020, however that means Romney has to win two terms and the liberty movement loses valuable influence in the U.S. Senate.

What then could Romney offer to bring in the Paul camp and unify the party?  What can he do to lead Republicans and not alienate the enthusiastic newcomers that the GOP desperately needs to survive?  Romney needs to make a move that will confirm his commitment to conservatism.  He needs to reveal an obligation to build policy change that will draw a distinction between not only himself and Barack Obama, but also between himself and the expansive policies of George W. Bush.  Romney needs to get the GOP back to our roots of small government while giving a lasting effect to the liberty movement that will strengthen the legacy for Dr. Ron Paul.

Mitt Romney needs to offer Ron Paul the position of Treasury Secretary.  This would be seen as a bold move, but is also a very palatable gesture as most Americans agree with more transparency from the Federal Reserve Bank, they generally like Ron Paul’s domestic policies, and they know that economically Paul is a very valuable asset to the United States.  Offering Ron Paul the position of Treasury Secretary would certainly gain Romney ground with the Ron Paul supporters and it affirms Romney’s declared conservative values.  The decision gains Romney ground with Paul supporters because it would not marginalize Dr. Paul, but rather provide him with strong influence on the policies that he is most passionate.  It also affirms Romney’s suggested conservative values, because Dr. Paul is well known for his seriousness in shrinking government and eliminating the debt.

According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury website:  “The Secretary of the Treasury is the principal economic advisor to the President and plays a critical role in policy-making by bringing an economic and government financial policy perspective to issues facing the government. The Secretary is responsible for formulating and recommending domestic and international financial, economic, and tax policy, participating in the formulation of broad fiscal policies that have general significance for the economy, and managing the public debt. The Secretary oversees the activities of the Department in carrying out its major law enforcement responsibilities; in serving as the financial agent for the United States Government; and in manufacturing coins and currency.”

Traditionally the Treasury Secretary is involved with decisions of national security and is a member of the U.S. National Security Council.  The Treasury Secretary is also the fifth in the United States presidential line of succession.  This solution accomplishes many goals and ultimately is a very viable solution to actually unite the GOP and not create further division.

Mitt Romney has the opportunity to lead with the bold move of placing Dr. Paul right in the middle of the economic problems we face as a nation.  Romney has a chance to gain the vital support he needs while unifying a stray party fractured from within.  By offering Dr. Ron Paul this cabinet position, Romney could possibly defeat Barack Obama in November.

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Ron Paul’s Biblical Lesson from 1 Kings 8-12

Today’s events are reminiscent of the Old Testament story of how the Israelites demanded a king over God’s objection. They believed that a king would give them peace and security. The results proved otherwise.

These words belong to Dr. Ron Paul and demonstrate his fervent belief and deep understanding of the Bible’s living truths.  For, what lesson could be more contemporary and relevant to American society than one warning against the surrender of individual liberty to the control of government, all for the sake of greater social justice and national security.

The prophet Samuel, due to his old age and pending death, approached God on behalf of the Hebrew people seeking permission to create an authoritarian central government, a monarchy.  The nation of Israel had successfully existed as a self-governing tribal coalition based on the rule of Jehovah’s law for approximately 350 years.  But, the people had grown tired of the self-responsibility that comes as a cost of personal liberty and self-governance.

Samuel warned the Israelites that a king would enslave them, “You will shed bitter tears because of this king you are demanding, but the Lord will not hear you.” (1 Sam. 8:18)  But the people refused to listen.  They wanted a king to take over the responsibility of unilaterally directing their foreign and domestic policy, “for we want to be like the other nations around us. He (the king) will govern us and lead us into battle.” (v. 20) And so, against God’s warning the nation of Israel created a government ruled by executive order where the king was given sole authority to create, interpret and enforce the laws.  They willingly subjugated themselves to government control based on the ideology of collectivism which undermines mankind’s intrinsic right to equality by granting certain people a birth right to rule over others.

The Israelites made a tragic decision.  Although a foreign enemy didn’t beat them, the people suffered a great and irreversible defeat.  History demonstrates that domestic leaders who rise to absolute power in a perceived crisis situation often enslave societies.  Out of fear and complacency, people mistakenly trade their liberty and rights for peace and safety.  But these aims are illusive and short lived.  The reliance upon government as a unilateral protector and regulator invariably leads to society’s oppression and ultimately its destruction.

Following the short rule of King Saul, the people found themselves suffering under the heavy taxation and forced labor policies of both King David and King Solomon.  Solomon also showed preferential treatment to the tribe of Judah, which alienated the northern tribes.  When Solomon died, the people sent a populist leader, Jeroboam, to demand better treatment from Solomon’s son and heir to the throne, Rehoboam.  In verse 1 Kings 12:14, Rehoboam answered Jeroboam and the people by saying, “My father made your yoke heavy, and I will add to your yoke; my father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions.”

Collectivist governance is highly destructive for society as evidenced by the tragic and irreversible fracturing of Israel into a Northern and Southern Kingdom due to Rehoboam’s pride.  What a telling story.  The Hebrew tribes had retained their solidarity through 40 years of wandering in the Sinai Desert, a decade of dangerous military conquests to subdue the land of Canaan, and over 300 turbulent years as a self-governing tribal coalition. Yet after less than 100 years under monarchy the resilient Hebrews had split because of abusive government policy.

In creating a monarchy, the Hebrew people chose a destructive path contrary to the one God wanted for them; a path that led to great suffering at the hands of evil Hebrew rulers.  And ultimately the fall of both kingdoms to foreign invaders: the Northern tribes fell to the Assyrians in 722 BC and the Southern tribes who later fell to the Babylonians in 597 BC.

The significance of this lesson cannot be emphasized enough.  God has literally issued us a warning in His Holy Word against yielding our individual liberty and rights to greater government control in the name peace and safety.  This is an ancient and enduring Biblical message that societies ruled by executive order will tragically and invariably lead to oppression and exploitation of the common man by the ruling elite.

Praise the Lord, for the truth of His Word endures forever!  For what could be more validating for evangelicals than the three thousand year old Scripture we honor.  The divine Word of God that contains such a timeless, powerful message.  How encouraging for our nation that God would reveal such a profound scriptural truth to a man running for the office of President.  God bless Dr. Ron Paul, a biblically enlightened presidential candidate, constitutionally responsible leader not a ruler through executive order, and a man we can trust to lead this country as President of the United States of America.

Written by Thomas Tinsley

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The Twelve-Year Conservative Compromise

Conservative republican candidate Ron Paul promotes ideas of civil liberty, limited government, strong national defense and sound money.

Everywhere I turn the news and media are calling Mitt Romney the “presumptive nominee” or the “de facto Republican presidential candidate”.  They fail to recognize that even by the generous delegate estimates given by the AP and CBS Romney has to gain nearly 500 more delegates to get to the nomination.  Add to this fact that the estimates these “journalist” organizations are touting are just that… estimates.  Romney may not actually have the totals the news media is spewing across the airwaves and Internet.  Conservatives are still unsatisfied with his candidacy and are fighting to keep him from the nomination.  Look at the surprising results of Colorado where Paul and Santorum delegates came together on a “Conservative Unity Slate”.  This slate actually gave Romney fewer delegates than his campaign and the media were expecting.  I then ask, how many more of these state conventions will go the conservative way to fight against the Romney candidacy compromise.

Regardless of whether you are a Ron Paul, Santorum, or Gingrich fan, regardless of whether you’re an old republican or new, regardless of whether you want the tax rate at 15% or 30% there is a very important idea that we as republicans (and more importantly conservatives) need to consider.  Giving up the fight to Romney in the 2012 GOP primary means one of two things for conservatives.  If Romney loses (which is a real possibility) we will be stuck with Obama for four more years and the conservative movement will need to fight the big-government, socialist-leaning policies from the house and senate.  This is an option that most republicans fear deeply and their fear has motivated what I call “the Romney compromise” moving the Republican Party away from conservative values and towards a moderate representative that supposedly “can beat Obama”.  Don’t forget, there is a very real possibility that Romney cannot beat Obama and compromising our values in the primary will be all for not.  However, for true conservatives and for the conservative movement, there just may be a worse scenario.

The second possibility is that Romney wins the nomination and republicans get what they’re asking for… a Romney victory against Obama in November.  This result, in my estimation, could potentially be far worse for the cause of liberty and constitutional conservation.  I know many of you may be gasping right about now… The fear that motivates us to hate an Obama administration clearly causes us to lose much of our rationality, but I would ask that you consider the twelve-year conservative compromise; a compromise that could easily turn into sixteen years (or more).  Romney is president for 4 years, then 4 more years, then his vice president becomes the nominee as George H.W. Bush did in 1992, assuming a loss in 2024 to the democrats we’re looking at twelve very long years of “conservatives” governing not as conservatives but big-government advocates in republican garb.

What happens to the conservative movement if Romney beats Obama and governs like his moderate Republican record or he governs like the big-government republican George W. Bush?  The part brand “republican” will again be pushed deeper into the new “conservative” definition of big-government, big-spending corporatism and the honestly conservative movement will be left with the faint memories of Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan.  Romney is not a conservative and we need to swallow the coarse pill of reality that teaches us that regardless of his rhetoric now, he will move towards “the center” during the general election and will likely continue the big government ideas that have driven us to a $16.4 trillion dollar debt by years end.  He is already throwing out ideas like eliminating the property tax deduction and second home mortgage interest deductions and is now changing his tune on immigration.  Romney laid the blueprint for Obamacare and supported a personal mandate, he supported abortion, and he said in the debates that he would have signed the NDAA as written.  In fact in recent national polls Romney loses to Obama by double digits on the issues of Healthcare and National Security two areas where republicans are supposed to be strong.

If Romney wins this primary and then the presidency, the conservative movement will be trapped for up to twelve years.  Romney will represent republicans in November, he will represent republicans in 2016, and his VP selection will represent republicans in 2020 (three election cycles or twelve-years).  For the long-term, the conservative movement will be in a holding pattern and the likelihood that we regain the capitalist, free America platform we “Reagan conservatives” firmly believe in at our core will be diminished greatly.  The alternative to this holding pattern is another democrat administration of one form or another meaning this pattern could easily drag out to sixteen or even twenty years of anti-conservatism.

My point is not that republicans should support Obama in November, or that we should look to a third party alternative.  However, conservative republicans do need to support a conservative alternative this primary season, regardless if we win or lose.  Conservatives cannot give up the fight this early.  We must continue to vote for conservative ideas to hold Romney to a truly conservative platform of smaller government, less spending, and individual freedom.  Our best chance is a healthy debate within the party all the way up to and including the convention in August.  From a Christian perspective I liken this debate process to the idea that judgment begins in the house of God, that we need to judge ourselves and look inward, and that a refining fire results in beautiful positive change.

As you vote in the remaining primaries, I ask you to consider the twelve-year conservative compromise.  I ask you to not concede your values or principles, and I ask you to vote your conscience.  Evaluate the candidates not on the assumptions of the media pundits, not on the candidate’s empty rhetoric, but on their records and platform.

For this republican primary if I had my druthers I’d ask you to take another long hard look at Dr. Ron Paul, but if you’re unwilling to do that, then I ask you to look anywhere but the Romney compromise.


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Ron Paul is The Only

Dr. Ron Paul delivers his "gospel of freedom" to a packed out audience at Will Rogers auditorium in Fort Worth, TX.

Dr. Ron Paul has distinguished himself from the Washington establishment and “career” politicians throughout his public life. Despite negative pressure from both sides of the establishment aisle, the mainstream media, and misinformed “Christian conservatives”, Ron Paul has let his faith keep him strong and not waiver in his oath of office. He holds dear his honest obligation to uphold that oath and boldly defends the Constitution of the United States with honor. This rare integrity and intellectual authenticity is seen in Dr. Paul’s political and personal life and differentiates him from all of his competitors. Ron Paul is the Only in many prestigious and Presidential categories.

Ron Paul is the Only candidate that is a United States Veteran. Dr. Paul served as a medical officer in the United States Air Force from 1963 through 1965, then with the Air National Guard from 1965 to 1968. Ironically, the only Presidential Candidate with actual military experience is criticized for his belief in the Christian Just War Principles, his Constitutional stance on foreign policy, and his belief in a strong national defense. Of course, this criticism doesn’t come from military personnel, as Dr. Paul receives more campaign donations from active members of our Armed Forces than Obama, Romney, and Gingrich combined.

Dr. Paul is the Only GOP Presidential candidate who currently holds an elected position in our government. Dr. Paul is serving his 12th term as the Congressional Representative for the 14th District of Texas and has held this position for nearly 24 years. Mitt Romney won a single term as Governor of Massachusetts from 2002 to 2006. After this short stint in politics, Romney decided to bow out of another contest for the office. Although Romney claims it was because he had accomplished his political goals, his waning popularity with voters (42% positive, 53% negative) and polls predicting a loss to Tom Reilly by 16 points suggests otherwise. A defeat for the Governorship would have made his 2008 bid for the Presidency a near impossibility. Ron Paul on the other hand has left congress twice to continue practicing medicine and determined not to run for a 13th term to focus on his presidential candidacy.

Ron Paul is the only proven pro-life candidate. Dr. Paul has delivered more than 4,000 babies as a medical doctor and OBGYN. He believes in life at conception and has a voting record to back it up. He understands the rights of both the mother and the unborn child and has a proven record that shows he will stand up for both.

Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who is a protestant Christian.

Ron Paul is the only candidate with a real plan that will actually lower the national debt (and not over a 30 year time table).

Ron Paul is the only candidate who predicted the housing bubble and financial collapse.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who doesn’t support the Patriot Act and NDAA.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who would shrink government.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who will cut one trillion dollars in his first year of office.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who would protect Social Security and Medicare while cutting spending.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who has served on the Banking Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who believes in Austrian economics and is not a Keynesian.

Ron Paul is the only candidate calling for an end to the unconstitutional income tax and Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who thinks ANY unconstitutional law should be repealed.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that will not start another war without a declaration from Congress.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who will end the undeclared wars of aggression in Afghanistan & Iraq.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who believes we should secure our own borders before fighting and securing other countries’ borders.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants to end the inefficient failure called “the War on Drugs”.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants to truly protect free markets and not promote socialism or corporatism.

Ron Paul is the only real fiscal conservative.

Ron Paul is the only true “Tea Party” candidate.

Ron Paul is the only candidate energizing the youth and gaining support of independents, democrats, AND republicans.

Ron Paul is the only real choice for the Republican nomination in 2012.

The election is not over… Vote for Ron Paul in your state’s Republican primary. Find out more or donate to the moneybomb at www.RonPaul2012.com.

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by Thomas Tinsley

Regardless of how false, if a message is repeated often enough, some people will eventually believe it.  Unfortunately, the political establishment and corporate media have proven this statement to be true over an over again.  They have relentlessly hammered into the minds of the people the message that Ron Paul is not “electable”.  But what these misled voters fail to grasp is that the word “electable” is being used in a disingenuous and controlling fashion.  The establishment has superimposed a contrived meaning onto this word in order to further diminish the American peoples’ power of choice as well as steer the political conversation away from Dr. Paul’s meaningful reexamination of our core values and national identity.

Painting of GOP Presidential Candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul

In an honest sense of the term, electability is not a measurement of varying degrees.  Someone is either electable to an office or they are not.  There are no levels of electability.  All candidates legally qualified to hold the office for which they are competing are equally electable.  However, in duplicitous fashion, the political establishment and their media cohorts have twisted the meaning of the word to resemble something closer to the word, preference.

When political pundits and media personalities allege Ron Paul is not electable, what is meant is that Ron Paul is not preferable by their standards.  Of course, one could imagine the public backlash if a trusted, “professionally objective” political observer or news journalist attempted to impose their preference on the American public so obtusely.  The statement, “Ron Paul is not preferable” would make any respectable reporter or analyst appear reckless, stupid and dishonest.  But, this is precisely what is happening.  Using a kind of verbal Judo, the mainstream media and political establishment are attempting to indoctrinate the unsuspecting American public with the false message that Ron Paul is less of a choice because he lacks some imaginary or contrived quality they call electability.

This secretive and mercenary seizure of the word electable is a predictable tactic, really.  Public elections are a cornerstone to a free and democratic society.  They are meant to guarantee public participation in the political process, serving as a lever of power for the people over the direction of government control.  The power of choice in an election is an important measurement of a society’s level of freedom.  By confiscating the word “electable” in order to create a false scale of diminishing levels of choice, the establishment has attempted to diminish the American peoples’ power to choose the direction of governance.   So, it makes perfect sense the only non-preferable candidate is Ron Paul, who stands alone in promoting the empowerment of the American people through greater personal liberty and limited government intervention.

The “electability” word trick is just another tool to help control the outcome of the election.  The goal is to direct the public toward a candidate preferred by the political elite and their corporate associates.   And just what qualifies someone as “electable”?   Let’s examine the actual records of the “electable” GOP candidates and see:

Newt Gingrich – a career politician who profiteered from his political positions by selling access to Washington.  With no fewer than 84 ethics complaints, $300,000 in fines for committing fraud, Gingrich was eventually driven out of the Speakership in disgrace.  His career exemplifies the revolving door between Washington and Corporate America.  He made $1.8 million as a private consultant to Freddie Mac just before the housing collapse.  He also supports the individual healthcare mandate.  Newt Gingrich is the symbol of the corrupt Washington establishment.

Mitt Romney – the serial flip flopper who, like Barack Obama, gets massive political donations from Wall Street hedge funds.  I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Romney isn’t at all concerned with the Federal Reserve’s destructive monetary policy, secret manipulation of free markets, and secret international trillion-dollar bailout programs.  Based on his policies, Romney is better understood as a limousine democrat rather than a conservative Republican.  In fact, it was Romney’s socialist health care system that was implemented in Massachusetts and served as the prototype for Obamacare.  Unlike Gingrich who flips for money, Romney flips for political reasons… He’s already a billionaire.

Rick Santorum – a corporate lobbyist and Washington politician who voted to raise the debt level five times.  Despite claims to be the “conservative alternative” and frugally minded, throughout his career, Santorum voted for billions in wasteful projects like the “bridge to nowhere”.  During one session, Santorum co-sponsored 51 bills to increase spending and zero to cut spending.  He even voted to raise his own pay.  In recent GOP debates Santorum admitted to compromising his own principles to be ‘a team player’ and justified his funding of Planned Parenthood by claiming to equally fund abstinence programs… Apparently funding both sides is Rick Santorum’s just scale.  Santorum enjoys portraying himself as a populist leader and man of the people.  In reality, he betrayed America’s working class by backing out on his promise to support the Right to Work Act.  Santorum has taken the most lobbyist cash in Washington, was deemed one of the three ‘most corrupt’ Senators in 2006, advocates wars of aggression, wants to force his morality on others disregarding their religious & civil rights, and supports the 2012 NDAA, which literally destroys due process and allows the federal government to detain US citizens indefinitely without charge or trial.

The one thing that unites all these “electable” or preferable candidates, besides a history of corruption, hypocrisy, and political profiteering is their dedication to policies that expand the size and power of government.  Are these men to represent the new definition of conservative? Are they to represent the views and values of regular conservative voters?  Men who seek to identify with traditional moral values but whose pasts reek of corruption and ill-gotten gain.  These men who claim to be dedicated to the message of Christ but use their pulpit to spread fear and advocate illegal wars of aggression?  These men who claim to be men of the people, while promoting policies that concentrate power and money to the rich.  These men who swear by the Constitution but support legislation that destroys our rights to due process, sound money, free markets, and personal property.  Are these the men who are “preferable”, “electable” representatives of our national identity? Of our core values?

It is shameful for the GOP to allow Ron Paul to be labeled “unelectable”, primarily for holding to his convictions and truly conservative values.  Positions that contradict those of the new mainstream candidates claiming themselves as conservatives!  Ron Paul, who has unwaveringly demonstrated qualities such as honesty, consistency, integrity, intellectual authenticity, and a strong technical knowledge of our economy, monetary and banking systems.  Most importantly, Ron Paul stands firmly for the principles of personal liberty and self-determination granted to us by our Constitution.  Ron Paul who predicted the housing crisis, the economic crisis, the currency crisis, and terrorist blowback resulting from our wars of aggression in the Middle East.

The American voters determine who is electable, not the political class and media pundits.  Ron Paul is just as electable as any other candidate so long as conservatives vote their conscience and values rather than what they are told by the mainstream media and political elite.  If you are a true conservative, Christian or both, Ron Paul is outstandingly preferable and electable.

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I Am Not Voting For Ron Paul

Liberty Republican Candidate and True Conservative Ron Paul

I am not voting for Ron Paul.  I am voting for the constitution, for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I am not voting for Ron Paul, but for the principles for which he stands.  I am voting for truth and “the American way”, for free markets and capitalism.  I am not voting for Ron Paul, but for the movement called “the revolution”.  I am voting for individual freedom and the right to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” or take a few lessons from “the school of hard knocks”.

I am not voting for Ron Paul.  I am voting against the big government establishment, against Mitt Romney’s social shortcomings, against Newt Gingrich’s colony on the moon, and against Rick Santorum’s false rhetoric backed up by a record of big spending and liberal votes.  I am not voting for Ron Paul.  I am voting against the attack of my civil liberties, against the National Defense Authorization Act, against the bailouts, and against the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve.  I am voting against CNN, Fox News, and all of the misinformation and bias from the mainstream media.  I am voting against racial prejudice in the courts, over-spending, over-regulation, over-reaching, undeclared wars of aggression, and foreign aid to all countries.

I am not voting for Ron Paul.  I am voting for free religion, free speech, free press, and free assembly.  I am voting for the right to due process under the law, the protection against unreasonable search and seizure, and the right to possess weapons capable of defending those God given rights.  I am not voting for Ron Paul, but for the ideal set forth by our founding fathers, for the great American experiment, for the representative republic that amazing men and women have sacrificed and died to keep and that I myself would be willing fight and lay down my own life to protect.

I am not voting for Ron Paul.  I am voting for the right of political dissent, for the right to research each candidate, for the right to find quality information about those candidates, and for the right to proselytize those candidates that I feel strongly about.  I am voting for men and women that represent my values, my principles, and will protect them against tyranny.  I am voting for senators, congressman, and I am voting on both a local and national level.  I am not voting for a man or woman who could be corrupted by power and prestige.  I am voting for principles and based on principles that are not only foundations in this country, but principles that I want for my children and their children’s children.

I am not voting for Ron Paul, but I will proudly cast my vote to help Ron Paul gain the highest office in the land and serve as the President of the United States.  www.ronpaul2012.com

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