Time to Mobilize

Ron Paul with Producer/Director Justin Machacek

Ron Paul meeting Justin Machacek about Evangelical initiatives

It is time to mobilize for the Republican National Convention. Do not give up. Do not become disheartened. Do not surrender to defeat. It is time to work harder than ever, to push back against big-government agendas, and to return the Republican Party to its constitutionally conservative roots. Together the liberty movement can loudly champion the message of liberty, the message of smaller government, and the message of Ron Paul.

National Republican Delegates from every state need to begin sifting through the 2008 Republican Platform, familiarizing and preparing for debate & testimony, making notes on sections that need added to, amended, or completely eliminated. Liberty delegates need to seek out ways to connect with other delegates nationwide. Utilize Facebook pages, text groups, meet-ups, or any other method to organize share ideas and build voting strength for the convention floor. Find other delegates, liberty or no, who can agree on specific policy planks, gain interest, have discussions, debate causes. The more support we can gain for specific causes the greater chance the Platform Committee will put those planks permanently into the 2012 Republican Platform.

Delegates need to draft language for specific planks they and their constituents believe in; planks on Internet freedom & privacy to gain the youth and protect citizens against legislation like CISPA, SOPA, & PIPA. Also send planks on ‘indefinite detention’, the Patriot Act, & the NDAA, on Federal Reserve transparency & competitive currencies, and on cutting unnecessary government agencies (Dept. of Education, HUD, Energy, Commerce, etc.). Consider additional planks on ending the war in Afghanistan, undeclared wars, the War on Drugs, and defining the unborn child while removing jurisdiction from the federal courts effectively eliminating “Roe v. Wade”. Then, delegates need to deliver those planks to their National & Platform Committeemen and Committeewomen. Position the planks with thoughtful, constitutional perspective that can be help all Republicans get behind them and help future Republican candidates move forward the message of liberty and win elections.

State by state, committeeman after committeeman the liberty movement influence to the Republican platform will cause the moderate factions and hawkish neo-cons to open their eyes to what it will take to WIN the presidency, expand the party, and take back the republic of the United States of America. This platform will be the messaging that national candidates will have to debate and defend for next four years. Winning here means giving small-government and freedom candidates a foothold in debates, talking points in the media, and proving that grassroots organization can make a difference.

Other delegates, parliamentarians, need to address the rules. Determine what their state needs to gain relevance in the national selection of primary candidates. Find fair ways for Republicans to have an efficient winnowing process for potential nominees. Find ways to maintain high standards of principle and ethics, and find ways to hold our elected officials to the approved platform. Push these rule ideas through debate and through the committeemen/women as soon as possible so there is time to digest, debate, and consider before the RNC.

We are a new generation of Republicans. We are the future of the party and win or lose; we will move the message of constitutional liberty forward. We can bring the Republican Party back to small-government principles, individual responsibility & freedom, and constitutional conservatism. Together we can win the battles on Platform & Rules and give liberty candidates a platform that they can intelligently defend. Together we can illustrate the legendary effects of the lasting legacy of Dr. Ron Paul. Together we can begin to Restore America Now.

We are here not to take over, but to take back. It is time to mobilize.

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