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by Thomas Tinsley Regardless of how false, if a message is repeated often enough, some people will eventually believe it.  Unfortunately, the political establishment and corporate media have proven this statement to be true over an over again.  They have … Continue reading

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I Am Not Voting For Ron Paul

I am not voting for Ron Paul.  I am voting for the constitution, for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I am not voting for Ron Paul, but for the principles for which he stands.  I am voting for … Continue reading

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The Neoconservative Attack on the Bill of Rights

Super Tuesday proved a couple of key things in this GOP election cycle.  The first is that VERY few people are engaged and paying attention to the Republicans, while even fewer are actually participating in the process.  Of the state … Continue reading

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Why Christians Won’t Vote for Ron Paul

There is so much misinformation in the media and the lack of good press makes it virtually impossible to really garner a solid grasp on the GOP candidates.  Where they actually stand now, what their records have been in the … Continue reading

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Collectivism vs Christianity and Natural Law

Throughout history, the human race has been forced into systems of government control based on the same coercive ideology.  At the core of this ideology is contempt for the belief that all people possess the moral right to equality, liberty … Continue reading

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How many Ron Paul’s have you met?

How many times have you wanted a candidate, a politician, and a role model, to gain the presidency?  How many times have you wished for a president with values and character that your children could look up to? How many … Continue reading

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