Why Christians Won’t Vote for Ron Paul

GOP Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

There is so much misinformation in the media and the lack of good press makes it virtually impossible to really garner a solid grasp on the GOP candidates.  Where they actually stand now, what their records have been in the past, and honest comparisons of each are few and far between.  Although Christians rarely can defend why they don’t support Ron Paul, I’d like to examine a few issues or arguments that come up often when talking politics with my Christian fellows.

The War on Drugs

Many people think the Ron Paul advocates legalizing drugs.  To be clear, Ron Paul does not take this position.  What he does support is eliminating the “war on drugs” and decriminalizing drugs on a federal level.  He supports letting states decide what is and isn’t illegal and requiring those states to enforce the laws that they put on the books.  Paul feels strongly that the current federal drug laws are not only inefficient and ineffective, but that they target minorities and the poor.

Although the war on drugs has cost over a trillion dollars, been the cause of tens of thousands of deaths, and been ineffective in reducing the drug problem in the US, it seems that most of the Christians taking this stance feel that the government’s role should be to protect us from ourselves.  Many feel that the government knows better than our doctors or we do regarding what should be put into our bodies and what should be allowable for medicinal purposes.  There is an entire area of holistic medicine largely ignored by the government.  That’s likely not caused by drug lobbyists, but true, genuine concern for the public’s well being… Right?

I simply have to ask one question, where does that “protection” end?  Sugar, fat, hydrogenated oils, prescription drugs, certain raw meats, over-eating in general, sun bathing, driving too fast, using certain cleaning products… All of these can be hazardous to our health.  Some of these even cause more disease and problems than narcotics.  Does this mean the government should protect us from ourselves by telling us what we should eat, drink, or clean our house with?  Where does it end?

In the Church obesity is rampant, diabetes and heart disease problematic, and over-eating commonplace.  Perhaps we need to protect Christians from themselves by stopping these terrible and often terminal habits.

Gay Marriage

Although Ron Paul is a lifelong Christian who states he believes marriage should be between a man and a woman, many Christians think he is for legalizing gay marriage.  The truth is that Ron Paul doesn’t think the government should be sanctioning marriage at all.

“I think the government should just be out of it,” says Ron Paul, “I think it should be done by the church or private contract, and we shouldn’t have this argument, who’s married and who isn’t married. I have my standards but I shouldn’t have to impose my standards on others. Other people have their standards and they have no right to impose their marriage standards on me.”

Ron Paul is right on this issue. Why are we as a church allowing the government to define what marriage is or is not?  Marriage is a religious institution, formed between two individuals under the authority of their church.  That idea used to mean something.  Gone are the days when people asked, “What church were you married in?”  This question used to be asked to find out what authority was governing the union and how much stock people could put into it.  Now, it seems Christians want to give this power to the government, not realizing that any power that we give to the government can be changed later on.  Why give them the power to begin with?


Many Christians think that Ron Paul believes abortion should be a states rights issue.  This is inaccurate and not what Ron Paul expresses his views to be.  Ron Paul believes that life begins at conception and would define it as such by passing the “Sanctity of Life Act”.  Additionally, Ron Paul would work to immediately eliminate Roe v. Wade by effectively repealing it.  He would do this by removing abortion from federal court jurisdiction through legislation modeled after his “We the People Act”.  By doing these things Paul would not only ban abortion by linking it to a violent act against a valuable life, but would also prevent activist federal judges from interfering with state legislation protecting it.

As if this were not enough, Ron Paul takes abortion even further.  His website states, “he agrees with Thomas Jefferson that it is ‘sinful and tyrannical’ to ‘compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors,’ Ron Paul will also protect the American people’s freedom of conscience by working to prohibit taxpayer funds from being used for abortions, Planned Parenthood, or any other so-called ‘family planning’ program.”

Support for Israel

Christians I speak with often agree with the way that we support Israel currently.  Perhaps they truly do agree with US policies or perhaps they are unaware of the fact that 75% of the money sent to Israel in “aid” must be spent on defense contracts with US corporations like Boeing and Lockheed Martin.  Maybe they don’t realize that we give seven times more money in aid to Israel’s enemies than we do to Israel itself.  Maybe many Christians don’t realize that along with our aide comes great pressure that often supersedes her sovereignty to protect herself or create peace treaties.

Ron Paul doesn’t believe Israel should have to answer to the United States.  While he feels that we should be at peace with Israel and an ally in defense and information sharing, he thinks Israel should be able to make the decisions they feel necessary to protect their nation or define their borders.  Ron Paul doesn’t think we should be sending foreign aid to anyone, translating in a net gain to Israel and Israel’s people.  Paul also thinks the US citizen should keep the fruits of our labor, meaning that we can charitably support the nation of Israel through ministry and outreach rather than forced defense contracts with US corporations.

Christian Faith

Lastly many people don’t see Ron Paul exploiting his faith for political gain and therefore don’t think Ron Paul is Godly or religious.  Possibly they think he should be pandering to the religious right with incendiary remarks or parading his Christianity in the streets.  On the other hand, maybe Ron Paul has the right idea and thinks it is better to draw people with earnest character and example, that prayer should not be for public show, and that religion should be a personal guiding force that directs our individual paths and judgment.

It seems to me that Christians aren’t going to vote for Ron Paul, not because they disagree with his positions or policies, but because they either haven’t taken the time or don’t want to take the time to understand what his positions are.  It seems Christians are listening to what the television media is saying, what the radio talk shows are saying, and it seems they are doing very little research on their own.  Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems Christians won’t vote for Ron Paul because they are misguided and misinformed.


About Justin Machacek

Justin Machacek is a four-time Emmy award winning television producer, independent faith-based filmmaker, and promotional creative. He serves as the president of Reel Deal Productions, Inc. in Fort Worth, Texas and as the Senior On Air Producer for one of the largest Christian media networks in the world. Justin has worked closely with many of the most prominent Christian ministries and faith-based media organizations in America, is a devout Christian, and active church attendee. As a long time Republican, Justin became very active in politics in the fall of 2011. His experience since then includes: a position on the National Advisory Board of Evangelicals for Ron Paul, being elected as State Delegate for the Texas GOP State Convention, being elected as an Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention, membership to the Republican Liberty Caucus, and recently a board position as Secretary for the Texas state chapter of the RLC. Justin is also active in local politics, Republican clubs, and legislative efforts.
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16 Responses to Why Christians Won’t Vote for Ron Paul

  1. Matt says:

    Sometimes Paul’s position on Israel concerns me a little…but then I just say to myself, “You know, I don’t think God really *needs* the US of A to look after Israel. I’m a huge supporter of Israel, but ultimately He’s the one who’s got their back.

    • Delaina says:

      Matt, that’s right, God protects His people. An important thing to mention, though, is this: Genesis 32:28 very clearly says that Jacob was a man that God renamed Israel. Israel was a MAN. The followers of God became known as the children of Israel (Jacob). Those children are everywhere today, not just a geographical plot of land in a country named Israel. In fact, there are a lot of Muslims in the country of Israel today. Food for thought.

      • That’s an interesting observation. Coincide that with the church of Christ that is not the building or institution, but the PEOPLE. Those people (many being the gentiles) have been “grafted in” to the vine of Christ and God’s family. One could certainly make the argument that the Jewish people and the body of Christ together are the “descendants” of Abraham and modern “Israel”. Galatians 3:29

    • We share many interests with Israel, but Israel does not always do what’s right, and we should not defend her without condition. During the six day war, Israel attacked the USS LIBERTY for 2 hours without provocation. 34 US Navy sailors were killed as machine guns were fired at fleeing lifeboats. Israel claimed that the whole affair was based on mistaken identification, but the evidence in this BBC documentary shows this was clearly a lie. Israel’s intent was to sink the ship, then blame it on Egypt to draw America into the war. The Navy investigation concluded it was not an accident, but LBJ instituted a coverup. Israel has a history of other false flag operations . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavon_Affair . We have to be very carefully that we don’t allow foreign interests to draw us into another war in Iran. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3319663041501647311

    • Amen. For better or for worse, depending upon if they turn to faith in Jesus or not.

  2. If one were to heed the rhetoric being spewed from every orifice, crack, and crevice of the elitist political factions, which lobby by deceit to enslave the votes of every American Citizen. If we all willfully ignore the arrogant contempt for the intelligence of the American people, which is being preached from the pulpit of the morally bankrupt multimillionaire pseudo-journalistic pundits of our National Propaganda News Media.

    Could we possibly entertain any choice but to believe that a man who has held firm to his conviction to the founding principles of our nation, even at the expense of unjust ridicule, unrelenting condemnation, and muckraking defamation, is someone out of touch with the wisdom handed down by our venerable leaders of the past?

    Surely we would find it easy to rationally realize that such a man is truly out of touch with the reality of all that is occurring today. Especially, since this is the same oddball loon who precisely foresaw and forewarned us of what all those aforementioned to this day continue to swear was unforeseeable.

    Are we to perceive his analogies to be anything but those of one standing on the brink of institutional insanity, for daring to ask us to accept the inevitable truth, concerning the impending dangers targeting the future of our children’s tomorrows if we continue along a path absent of true change?

    How dare this experienced political doctor ask the American people to swallow his medicine of unadulterated truth as the only hopeful treatment to save a government that is otherwise tittering on the despotic precipice of terminal?

    How dare he ask us to perform the unthinkable act of standing up on our own two feet to suffer the fight for the future of our children, thus our Nation?

    How dare he tell us we have the ability and/or the right to determine who we shall be allowed to vote for in our elections?

    Is this man so far out of touch with reality that he fails to know that our government dictates to us what our future hopes and dreams must be, as well as those of our children?

    Does he not know that it is our governments’ responsibility to determine how our children must be raised, how we must choose to live, where we must choose to live, how much of our hard earned wages we are allowed to keep, where and to what degree we must seek to be educated, and what we must deem worthy to think and say.

    Does he truly not know that it is the dutiful task of the National Corporate Media to honor the views of the few, so as to dictate to the many what they are allowed to believe or say, and determine who and what shall be allowed to be heard?

    Does he not understand that only the government and the Media have needed wisdom required to determine what is fair and just for us all?

    Does he not comprehend that being a truthful man in a government predicated upon lies, deceit, and the conspiracy of self-servient agendas, makes him an oddball out of step with political reality?

    Why on earth would any sensible American want a highly principled, dedicated pathological truth teller in the White House fighting to preserve and restore our constitutionally protected rights, less they be deemed just as oddly insane as he?

    If we as a people should choose to heed this self-servient inflection of wisdom from those who can only envision the unforeseen in 20/20 hindsight, then we as a people should rejoice; for we will have finally obtained our Founders lofty vision of equality, for we will all stand equal as minions to this folly of fools.

    When will we as a people finally come to terms with these facts, that the only people who would seek to extract wisdom from the words spoken by Governments, and the Media, are those not fond of the truth. That the truth by nature is profoundly simple, until subjected to the divisive nature of perspective, and that the most convincing lies to ever be told, are those pandered as truths shrouded in the deceptive manipulation of the unnatural falsities of Media manufactured perspectives.

    Now as the Republican faction prepares to nullify by secrecy, the votes of many Iowan’s who would dare to vote for any but their chosen few, in conjunction with what we witnessed the Democratic Party stealing the votes for one candidate in favor of another in 2008, the picture becomes complete.

    What we find ourselves witnessing are the final strokes being added to a depiction of the rule of tyranny being born from the death throes of the last vestiges of the peoples power to control their own destiny by means of a just electoral process.

    Those who feel no outrage for the contemptuous acts being exerted by the dictatorial political factions, as well as those being asserted by the National Media as they dare insinuate that it is they and they alone that are anointed the rightful privilege to dictate who we are allowed to consider worthy of our nations highest office, are not worthy of the honor to be called Americans.

    They instead are deserving of their rightful place upon the gallows reserved for all deemed to be traitors to our republic, if deemed so by We the People.

  3. swissecon says:

    Put it simple: Christians are not really in favor of liberty.

  4. LoveRP says:

    I have been a Christian for a very long time and love Ron Paul and liberty. I also know many Christians of strong faith with the same mindset. So swissecon, I hope you are not categorically classifying all Christians in the same vain that non- Ron Paul supporters classify RP supporters.

  5. SGPie says:

    Though not from the United States, I’ll just like to just chip a point on marriage, is that marriage is NOT a religious institution. Marriage is a civil institution! It is God’s creation ordinance not just for Christians, but for man kind. Thus the government has the responsibility to define marriage is to be between one man and one woman. True liberty is within God’s Law, not outside of it. Sin is the transgression of God’s Law. Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

    • Marriage is not a civil institution. It became a civil institution because of the government wanting to prohibit citizens from marrying inter-racially. It wasn’t until 1929 that all states required a marriage license. While marriage does come to the legal forefront in certain circumstances, the requirement of a license is not necessary to make the determination of “marriage”. Cohabitation, permission from family, and a ceremony was more than adequate proof for a court of marriage. NEVER forget… Any power given to the government can and will eventually be used against it’s people. That’s why the founders of the constitution were adamant about LIMITING the powers of the government and put many measures in place to control it’s expansion. Does marriage affect civil society? Certainly. Is marriage a civil institution? Only if we allow the government control of that area of our lives.

  6. robbjerk says:

    I am afraid many Christians are unknowingly rejecting the truest protector of their religious freedoms, economic welfare, and national security because the have neglected to go beyond rhetoric to reality. How often have Christians and conservatives settled for a mess of pottage in the primaries only to be forgotten in the general election and beyond? It has not been Democrat vs. Republican for many years. It is now big government by financial and corporate interests vs. constitutional government protecting individual and states’ rights. Yes, Santorum, Gingrich, and even Romney can sound good, but there is a chasm between their record and Ron Paul’s–and they are on the wrong side of the chasm in many major issues, even major social issues for which Christians choose them over Ron Paul.

  7. LKZ says:

    Another good article with common (God-given) sense. Thank you.
    This may interest you as well: Warvangelicals by Dave Daubenmire

  8. LKZ says:

    Another good article with common (God-given) sense. Thank you.
    This may interest you as well: Warvangelicals by Dave Daubenmire
    Great perspective regarding Israel.

  9. Unquestionably believe that which you stated. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the net the easiest factor to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get irked even as other people consider worries that they just do not know about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top as neatly as defined out the whole thing without having side effect , other folks could take a signal. Will probably be again to get more. Thank you!

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