by Thomas Tinsley

Regardless of how false, if a message is repeated often enough, some people will eventually believe it.  Unfortunately, the political establishment and corporate media have proven this statement to be true over an over again.  They have relentlessly hammered into the minds of the people the message that Ron Paul is not “electable”.  But what these misled voters fail to grasp is that the word “electable” is being used in a disingenuous and controlling fashion.  The establishment has superimposed a contrived meaning onto this word in order to further diminish the American peoples’ power of choice as well as steer the political conversation away from Dr. Paul’s meaningful reexamination of our core values and national identity.

Painting of GOP Presidential Candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul

In an honest sense of the term, electability is not a measurement of varying degrees.  Someone is either electable to an office or they are not.  There are no levels of electability.  All candidates legally qualified to hold the office for which they are competing are equally electable.  However, in duplicitous fashion, the political establishment and their media cohorts have twisted the meaning of the word to resemble something closer to the word, preference.

When political pundits and media personalities allege Ron Paul is not electable, what is meant is that Ron Paul is not preferable by their standards.  Of course, one could imagine the public backlash if a trusted, “professionally objective” political observer or news journalist attempted to impose their preference on the American public so obtusely.  The statement, “Ron Paul is not preferable” would make any respectable reporter or analyst appear reckless, stupid and dishonest.  But, this is precisely what is happening.  Using a kind of verbal Judo, the mainstream media and political establishment are attempting to indoctrinate the unsuspecting American public with the false message that Ron Paul is less of a choice because he lacks some imaginary or contrived quality they call electability.

This secretive and mercenary seizure of the word electable is a predictable tactic, really.  Public elections are a cornerstone to a free and democratic society.  They are meant to guarantee public participation in the political process, serving as a lever of power for the people over the direction of government control.  The power of choice in an election is an important measurement of a society’s level of freedom.  By confiscating the word “electable” in order to create a false scale of diminishing levels of choice, the establishment has attempted to diminish the American peoples’ power to choose the direction of governance.   So, it makes perfect sense the only non-preferable candidate is Ron Paul, who stands alone in promoting the empowerment of the American people through greater personal liberty and limited government intervention.

The “electability” word trick is just another tool to help control the outcome of the election.  The goal is to direct the public toward a candidate preferred by the political elite and their corporate associates.   And just what qualifies someone as “electable”?   Let’s examine the actual records of the “electable” GOP candidates and see:

Newt Gingrich – a career politician who profiteered from his political positions by selling access to Washington.  With no fewer than 84 ethics complaints, $300,000 in fines for committing fraud, Gingrich was eventually driven out of the Speakership in disgrace.  His career exemplifies the revolving door between Washington and Corporate America.  He made $1.8 million as a private consultant to Freddie Mac just before the housing collapse.  He also supports the individual healthcare mandate.  Newt Gingrich is the symbol of the corrupt Washington establishment.

Mitt Romney – the serial flip flopper who, like Barack Obama, gets massive political donations from Wall Street hedge funds.  I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Romney isn’t at all concerned with the Federal Reserve’s destructive monetary policy, secret manipulation of free markets, and secret international trillion-dollar bailout programs.  Based on his policies, Romney is better understood as a limousine democrat rather than a conservative Republican.  In fact, it was Romney’s socialist health care system that was implemented in Massachusetts and served as the prototype for Obamacare.  Unlike Gingrich who flips for money, Romney flips for political reasons… He’s already a billionaire.

Rick Santorum – a corporate lobbyist and Washington politician who voted to raise the debt level five times.  Despite claims to be the “conservative alternative” and frugally minded, throughout his career, Santorum voted for billions in wasteful projects like the “bridge to nowhere”.  During one session, Santorum co-sponsored 51 bills to increase spending and zero to cut spending.  He even voted to raise his own pay.  In recent GOP debates Santorum admitted to compromising his own principles to be ‘a team player’ and justified his funding of Planned Parenthood by claiming to equally fund abstinence programs… Apparently funding both sides is Rick Santorum’s just scale.  Santorum enjoys portraying himself as a populist leader and man of the people.  In reality, he betrayed America’s working class by backing out on his promise to support the Right to Work Act.  Santorum has taken the most lobbyist cash in Washington, was deemed one of the three ‘most corrupt’ Senators in 2006, advocates wars of aggression, wants to force his morality on others disregarding their religious & civil rights, and supports the 2012 NDAA, which literally destroys due process and allows the federal government to detain US citizens indefinitely without charge or trial.

The one thing that unites all these “electable” or preferable candidates, besides a history of corruption, hypocrisy, and political profiteering is their dedication to policies that expand the size and power of government.  Are these men to represent the new definition of conservative? Are they to represent the views and values of regular conservative voters?  Men who seek to identify with traditional moral values but whose pasts reek of corruption and ill-gotten gain.  These men who claim to be dedicated to the message of Christ but use their pulpit to spread fear and advocate illegal wars of aggression?  These men who claim to be men of the people, while promoting policies that concentrate power and money to the rich.  These men who swear by the Constitution but support legislation that destroys our rights to due process, sound money, free markets, and personal property.  Are these the men who are “preferable”, “electable” representatives of our national identity? Of our core values?

It is shameful for the GOP to allow Ron Paul to be labeled “unelectable”, primarily for holding to his convictions and truly conservative values.  Positions that contradict those of the new mainstream candidates claiming themselves as conservatives!  Ron Paul, who has unwaveringly demonstrated qualities such as honesty, consistency, integrity, intellectual authenticity, and a strong technical knowledge of our economy, monetary and banking systems.  Most importantly, Ron Paul stands firmly for the principles of personal liberty and self-determination granted to us by our Constitution.  Ron Paul who predicted the housing crisis, the economic crisis, the currency crisis, and terrorist blowback resulting from our wars of aggression in the Middle East.

The American voters determine who is electable, not the political class and media pundits.  Ron Paul is just as electable as any other candidate so long as conservatives vote their conscience and values rather than what they are told by the mainstream media and political elite.  If you are a true conservative, Christian or both, Ron Paul is outstandingly preferable and electable.


About Justin Machacek

Justin Machacek is a four-time Emmy award winning television producer, independent faith-based filmmaker, and promotional creative. He serves as the president of Reel Deal Productions, Inc. in Fort Worth, Texas and as the Senior On Air Producer for one of the largest Christian media networks in the world. Justin has worked closely with many of the most prominent Christian ministries and faith-based media organizations in America, is a devout Christian, and active church attendee. As a long time Republican, Justin became very active in politics in the fall of 2011. His experience since then includes: a position on the National Advisory Board of Evangelicals for Ron Paul, being elected as State Delegate for the Texas GOP State Convention, being elected as an Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention, membership to the Republican Liberty Caucus, and recently a board position as Secretary for the Texas state chapter of the RLC. Justin is also active in local politics, Republican clubs, and legislative efforts.
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2 Responses to Electability

  1. Thank you for writing this excellent article and for shedding light on the other candidates! A stated in this article, Ron Paul is the only true electable candidiate! He speaks about truth, justice and equality for all Americans! If Ron Paul doesn’t get the GOP nomination (hopefully he will) I’m writing him in, and I know a lot of other people who are doing the same thing. We cannot stand another four years of the current administration’s regime! We have to stand strong and not give up. Ron Paul in 2012!!!

  2. Christopher says:

    Here is some food for thought…out of everyone running for office right now we have 3 FORMER officials running and one CURRENTLY holding office.

    We have FORMER Governor Romney who decided to just not run for re-election (question is if he had done as good as he claims why not run again…or was there a good chance of not being elected again?)

    We have FORMER Senator Rick Santorum who was VOTED OUT of office after only serving 2 terms as a US Senator of Pennsylvania.

    We then also have a FORMER Speaker of the House who was “fired” for some of the largest Ethics Violations ever seen in Congress.

    Or we then have the “Unelectable” one, Ron Paul who is still currently holding office as a US House of Representative member in Texas!

    How anyone can even understand that of all the people to point to and say Ron Paul is unelectable is beyond me. It appears the people have made their real choice and fired those they don’t want!

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

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