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Time to Mobilize

It is time to mobilize for the Republican National Convention. Do not give up. Do not become disheartened. Do not surrender to defeat. It is time to work harder than ever, to push back against big-government agendas, and to return … Continue reading

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Ron Paul’s Biblical Lesson from 1 Kings 8-12

Today’s events are reminiscent of the Old Testament story of how the Israelites demanded a king over God’s objection. They believed that a king would give them peace and security. The results proved otherwise. These words belong to Dr. Ron … Continue reading

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Ron Paul is The Only

Dr. Ron Paul has distinguished himself from the Washington establishment and “career” politicians throughout his public life. Despite negative pressure from both sides of the establishment aisle, the mainstream media, and misinformed “Christian conservatives”, Ron Paul has let his faith … Continue reading

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The Neoconservative Attack on the Bill of Rights

Super Tuesday proved a couple of key things in this GOP election cycle.  The first is that VERY few people are engaged and paying attention to the Republicans, while even fewer are actually participating in the process.  Of the state … Continue reading

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Collectivism vs Christianity and Natural Law

Throughout history, the human race has been forced into systems of government control based on the same coercive ideology.  At the core of this ideology is contempt for the belief that all people possess the moral right to equality, liberty … Continue reading

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God Given Free Will and Individuality

Throughout his career, Dr. Ron Paul has clearly and consistently defined the role of government in our free and democratic society.  That role is to serve the interests of the American people by ensuring the protection of our Constitutional rights.   … Continue reading

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